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Ultimate Ninjas provides a ground breaking alternative to traditional sports and kids fitness franchises, introducing children and adults to the exciting world of Obstacle Course racing and mastery!  With custom designed obstacle gyms & classes designed by professional ninja athletes, we provide a safe place for children to learn how to defy the  laws of gravity and unleash their inner athlete!

Our unique  gym design & obstacle based fitness model not only provides a fun and exciting  way to build strength and confidence, it also opens the door to multiple, profitable revenue streams.

The thing is, obstacles are fun!

As a result, Ultimate Ninjas is a favorite among parents for  kids birthday parties, dropping by for open play, and is a fun, active option for school fundraisers.

Revenue Streams

  • classes

  • Birthday Parties

  • camps

  • open gym

  • corporate outings

  • Fundraising & Events

  • elite travel team
  • Adult Fitness



Ultimate Ninjas 

Hit the ground running with a fully operational Ultimate Ninjas franchise site. Be ready to offer exceptional programming for all ages, from young children to adults, as they celebrate, grow, and achieve. It’s an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of something great!

Ultimate Ninjas Academy

Start on a smaller scale with an Ultimate Ninjas Academy franchise. Get ready to make a difference in the lives of little ones, and maybe move up to a traditional Ultimate Ninjas site someday. Bring your drive and ambition—and better your community!
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CORE Values


Bringing in

the Pro's

Our strong connections with prominent television athletes not only draw in customers but also ignite their motivation. With equity partners like Jesse Labreck and Mike Silenzi, who are top professional competitors, we can even arrange their presence at gym events. Our highly sought-after Pro Camp is a thrilling weekend experience where multiple renowned TV athletes join our gym for a series of mini-sessions and captivating demonstrations.

The Complete Experience

Ultimate Ninjas provides the ultimate user experience in the rapidly growing ninja sports industry. Our dynamic curriculum ensures a competitive advantage throughout the year and steadily increases gym participation. Our programming includes regular classes, parties, camps, open gym sessions, and exciting events.

Creating an Environment

Focused on Community
Customers are drawn to Ultimate Ninjas because our focus on community is paramount, and our atmosphere is welcoming and uplifting. We have cultivated a close-knit community that is united by a shared passion. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a newcomer, you will find a supportive environment here. Our emphasis is not solely on personal achievements, but also on uplifting one another and celebrating every triumph, regardless of its scale, as a unified community.
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