Kids Classes
Ninja Classes are great for kids who want to learn how to do the obstacles just like on American Ninja Warrior! We work on different obstacles each week building strength, endurance, and confidence. Classes are 55 minutes long, including a warm-up, obstacle coaching/technique, endurance, and free time.


Class schedules vary per location, please go to your gym's specific page to learn more about class hours. Register online to be enrolled in a weekly class that automatically enrolls you month to month. Billing will take place at the beginning of the month. Enrollment will be prorated if signing up in the middle of the month. There is no start up or drop in fee. It is $25 a class and siblings receive a 15% if enrolled online. Drop-ins are also available, please call to schedule. Ages 6+

Membership Benefits:
When you sign up for our monthly memberships you receive the following benfefits:

  • 20% off our "Ultimate" birthday party package
  • 10% off all Ultimate Ninjas apparel

Class Managers:
All classes are created by our Managers of Course Operations; Michael Torres (North Shore), Jesse Labreck (Naperville), Mike Silenzi (Libertyville), Derrick Pavoni (Chicago) and Jamie Rahn (St. Louis) along with our team of instructors. All of our course managers have competed on American Ninja Warrior multiple seasons. Coach Torres, Coach Jesse and Coach Chris Digangi made history at the 2019 ANW Semi-finals in Cincinnati- it was one for the ages! All five coaches hit the buzzer. Torres completed the course fastest and earned a spot competing on the Power Tower. Torres crushed the Power Tower and earned a Fast Pass which he used at the Vegas Finals. Coach Mike is a 6 time ANW veteran and advanced to stage 1 in Las Vegas last season. Coach Jamie is also a historic ANW veteran and has advanced to the Vegas Finals 6 times. All of our coaches have exceptional experience in obstacle training that they utilize in coaching each individual.

Fitness & fun for the whole family

Sign your child up for Ultimate Ninjas monthly classes, and parents can get awesome too with our ULTIFIT: adult fitness program, for just $99/month! That’s 35% off regular rates. No experience on obstacles? No problem. Our HIIT workouts feature training for all levels. Sign your child up for classes today and unlock a great deal for yourself!

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