Kids fitness Classes

Ninja Classes are great for kids who want to learn how to do the obstacles just like on TV! We work on different obstacles each week building strength, endurance, and confidence. Classes are 50 minutes long, including a warm-up, obstacle coaching/technique, endurance, and free time.

Preschool Ages 3-5

Preschool Ninja Classes will focus on developing coordination and strength through skills such as balancing, hanging, jumping, climbing and running, while instilling self-confidence and teamwork in a safe and positive environment.
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Beginner Ages 6-10

The Beginner Ninja class will focus on tackling the obstacles! Ninjas are not required to have any prior experience with obstacles. They learn how to approach new challenges safely while having fun and exploring movements. Instructors set goals and challenges for students which help them gradually develop solid fundamental skills.
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intermediate Ages 9-12

The Intermediate Ninja class builds on the foundation of Ninja strength and movement. Ninjas must be able to ascend the 8 foot Curved wall, do 1 pull up, complete the Quintuple Steps, Ring Swings, and Balance Beam.
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advanced ages 12+

The Advanced Ninja class is made for those who want more of a challenge. Ninjas must be able to ascend the 10 foot Curved wall, do 3 pull ups, complete the Blue Monkey Bars, Red Cliff Hanger, and Jumping Spider. They will learn complex obstacle techniques, build grip and upper body strength, and become more confident.
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What Our Customers

Have To Say About Us
Jen BrodyJen Brody
19:37 10 Jul 24
I took my daughter to the Ninja Camp at Ultimate Ninjas, and she had an absolute blast! The staff were super friendly and made her feel welcome right away. The obstacle courses and activities were perfect for kids, and she loved every minute of it. The place was clean and well-organized, and I felt confident she was in good hands. We’ll definitely be back soon!
Olman RamirezOlman Ramirez
21:59 01 Jul 24
Great place. My daughter loves it.
Redemption JourneyRedemption Journey
00:22 29 Jun 24
This place has gone downhill since the new manager came. Last summer fall we came several times a week. The manager was awesome and ran this place like it was a real gym. This place now is ran like a playground. The new manager decided to be on the floor ONLY for pictures and video of my child. I should have to pay! Meanwhile I just paid $50 for my children to come and work out. The workers are teens who sit back and laugh at the participants, talk about them behind their back on the course, and are not helpful. The only helpful kind teen left is Boiles. He is still the same and super helpful! Love that he hasn’t changed.We use to love this place but now we won’t be back. We will no longer drive 1.5hrs we will go to one of the other gyms!Update: since he reached out I shared my views and he asked me to remove my review! I told him I would when I saw that they addressed the issue. He then told me that it is best if we do not come back! All because I refused to remove my review!I have put the entire conversation email thread out there! Is this what you would expect for the OWNERS!
aleksandar aleksandrovaleksandar aleksandrov
22:39 01 Jun 24
Selina Baafi HernandezSelina Baafi Hernandez
13:59 09 Apr 24
We recently had a birthday party for our kids at this location and were thoroughly impressed with the how smooth everything went. The facility was clean! The price was reasonable compared to other similar party places we looked at. And overall the help we were provided by the assigned party hosts ensured that all the kids were safe and engaged, and our room was set up when we needed it to be. Our guests also had good things to say about the location and how fun it was for their kids and even them. Thank you!
Alexis AguilarAlexis Aguilar
21:07 07 Apr 24
My son had his party this weekend and it was awesome! The facility was clean,the staff was amazing, and everything was very organized. I highly recommend this place for birthday parties!
Mike BleierMike Bleier
15:32 21 Feb 24
Amazing for kids of any age, and fantastic for adults too!For kids - it's a no brainer - a true "American Ninja Warrior" (ANW) style obstacle course. They love it. They have weekly classes, parties, and even camps. It's a great way for your kids to stay active, get away from screens, and have fun, all at the same time.For adults - awesome too! I can't believe this place isn't 20x more crowded than it is, I think it's just because people don't know about it.I was bringing my daughter here for the kids thing and saw some adults working out each week, and I got curious, so I asked about it, and I'm glad I did."Ultifit" as they call their adult class, is an amazing workout for adults!There are two options, first is just straight circuit training like you'd find in similar circuit training style gyms, no obstacle course. Or you can choose to go to the "OC Fusion", which is kind of like half circuit training and half obstacle course. You don't have to pick one or the other - they offer both types of classes every day and you just go to the one you want.You don't have to be into ANW at all to join, in fact I've been coming for about a year and I've never done the OC fusion class - I just do the straight circuit training.Sean, the main coach, is awesome, and changes up the workouts everyday, so it's never boring and repetitive, and you're always working out new muscle groups.One caveat for guys, I think a lot of guys are looking to build bulk, and this isn't the place for that. I think this is a gym for those who are looking for that 'lean in-shape' result. Here, there's not any heavy weight training like you'd find at a crossfit gym, so you're not doing any big weight and looking to build muscle in that way. There are some weights used, but it's just a totally different style than crossfit.But, if you're looking for a full body, all around great workout, that's always unique, and will consistently kick your butt... Try Ultifit at Ultimate Ninjas!
Taha STaha S
16:44 14 Feb 24
Hosted my daughter's birthday party here, and it was very well done .
Judy MaldonadoJudy Maldonado
16:35 14 Feb 24
It was a great experience and the attendants that helped the kids during the gym time were amazing! Everyone had a blast!
Eric (Tesla)Eric (Tesla)
22:57 27 Jan 24
Good place for a kids birthday party. Plenty to do here. They also have rooms available for food and cake after the kids play.
Max SachukMax Sachuk
02:28 21 Jan 24
Great place for kids to be active.
Marika EzugbayaMarika Ezugbaya
23:34 06 Jan 24
We had great birthday party for my 7year old.
Angela HallAngela Hall
21:57 27 Dec 23
We have been sending our 3 year old daughter to the little ninjas preschool obstacle course class at ultimate ninjas and couldn’t be happier. I was worried about sending her since she’s on the smaller side, but all the coaches are very patient and helpful. Coach Dana and Coach Mike create an incredibly motivating and encouraging environment, challenging the kids in a supportive way that allows them to become stronger and more confident while also having tons of fun. My daughter tends to fade in her enthusiasm for new activities but she can’t wait to go to “ninja class” each week.
Amit NagpalAmit Nagpal
07:14 03 Dec 23
I visited this place for a birthday party. I was impressed by the place. The party was organized very nicely. The staff was very helpful and they took care of the kids and the celebration neatly. Overall I would recommend this place for birthday celebrations.
Diana HuaskDiana Huask
22:50 24 Oct 23
This is the best place I go I wish to work here ⭐️👍🏻
A Google User
A Google User
22:50 24 Oct 23
This is the best place I go I wish to work here ⭐️👍🏻
Nickie WickersheimNickie Wickersheim
13:30 24 Sep 23
We had the best birthday party here for my 8 year old! All the kids had a blast and were entertained the whole time, and I was able to enjoy every minute because the staff took care of everything!
Fierce Beauty WarriorFierce Beauty Warrior
01:02 15 Jul 23
Great ninja gym. Employees are very knowledgeable and helped out a lot
Lily AnnLily Ann
15:15 12 Jul 23
Great location! I always have such a great time here!! Very clean!! and a amazing place for birthday party’s!!
Lolly & StinkLolly & Stink
22:51 11 Jul 23
Great place for birthday parties, family fun and an amazing place for kids to get their energy out!
Brandy RobertsBrandy Roberts
20:47 11 Jun 23
Best Birthday Party ever! Thank you so much!!
16:44 21 May 23
This team has done amazing things for my kid's self-esteem. And, frankly, they've become an absolute beast. (In the best way.) Thank you, Ultimate Ninjas for your safe, positive, and supporting environment.
Josh SmithJosh Smith
00:52 14 May 23
We just had a birthday party here and my son had a blast. Staff was well versed in the obstacles and how to do them safely. They even encouraged us adults to play on them. I threw out my shoulder but had a ton of fun!
Megan MaloneyMegan Maloney
03:19 19 Mar 23
My daughter had the BEST 9th birthday party here! The staff was so helpful. They set up everything in the party room and made the whole experience so fun for the kids. They loved all of the activities. Highly recommend for a party!
Lynda RustLynda Rust
06:06 06 Nov 22
We went there for a friend's birthday and it was a lot of fun! My kids 6 and 5 had a blast running around. The staff was super friendly and so helpful. They organized some games for the kids and were there throughout to help whenever needed. I would definitely go back!!


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