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Build self-confidence and prepare to reach higher than you ever imagined. Classes are designed and led by Professional Ninja Athletes who train to conquer obstacles. Challenge yourself. Be Awesome. Have FUN!

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Open Play

Get out all of their energy on our obstacle and agility courses! Practice and Explore a variety of obstacles, refine your skills on a single obstacle, or practice running our customizable courses.

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Kids love our obstacles and indoor play areas. Planning birthday parties has never been so easy, with our online reservations. This party is just for you with your very own indoor arenas and party room.

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Join a community of people coming together to pursue their passion for movement and to help each other become better. Open to everyone, we welcome those who are looking to be part of a supportive community that will inspire you to break limits and achieve things you previously thought of as impossible.

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Obstacles • Fitness • Fun

Ultimate Ninjas offers a wide variety of obstacle courses for kids of every age and skill level. We have an agility course, swinging ropes, monkey bars, quintuple steps, climbing and Curved walls among other exciting obstacles for kids to try, practice and master. You will also find a large gym area for basketball, soccer, floor hockey and space to run – your child is sure to have fun while boosting self–confidence!

We know how important it is for boys and girls to gain self–confidence and build self–esteem. Which is why we have designed courses for all ages and abilities. Being able to try, fail, try again, and succeed is essential to building self–esteem. With every attempt at one of our courses and every victory when crossing the finish line, boys and girls will discover that they are Ultimate Ninjas!

Our friendly, helpful, and energetic staff are here to make your experience hassle–free and make every trip to Ultimate Ninjas unforgettable.


Upper Body Obstacles

  • Double Fish Ladder
  • Cannonball Alley
  • Ring Alley
  • Devil Steps
  • Devil Pipes
  • Cliff Hanger
  • Ring Toss
  • Monkey Bars
  • 2 Rock Climbing Wall
  • Cargo Net
  • Ring Slider
  • Laches
  • Floating Shelves
  • Double Tilt Ladders
  • Sky Hooks
  • Spring Forward
  • Spin Cycle


  • Curved wall
  • Jumping Spider
  • Quintuple Steps
  • Dominoes
  • H Blocks
  • Balance Beam
  • Mini Trampolines
  • Balance Pipes
  • In-Ground Trampoline & Foam Pit

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Who is Ultimate Ninjas

Pro Camp III Recap

Nine Benefits of Ninja Training 

Ninja training offers kids and young adults a multitude of benefits and provides a fun way for them to train. Ninja classes will make your child a well-rounded athlete, and teach them skills that are important in all other sports. Strength, agility, body awareness, balance, flexibility, perseverance, accountability, and respect are all skills that are useful in other sports. Your child will build confidence and learn the positive effect of overcoming obstacles inside and the gym!

Our Ninja classes are led by instructors who teach the skills necessary to complete an obstacle course successfully and safely.

1. Strength

Running through an obstacle course and practicing the skills it requires to do so is a full-body workout. Not only do kids build both upper and lower body strength in our classes, but a strong core as well. Building strong core strength is like building a strong foundation for your child. From a young age, improving core strength can promote good posture and better motor skills. Kids are having fun climbing, jumping and swinging over obstacles, as they build great core strength and work new muscle areas that they never have before! By increasing the stability in their joints, students are also decreasing their risk of injury. As you may have noticed, Ninja is more than just strength alone.

2. Agility

With obstacle training, kids move in all different directions – left to right, back and forth, ect. Agility plays a role in sports of all types. Agility can also help prevent injury. Students that practice lateral movements in their training help prepare their muscles for unexpected ones on the course and on the field. The benefits of ninja training transfer into other sports. The agility it takes to get through the tricky lower body obstacles for instance is a great similarity to soccer players navigating around their opponent. Ninja training is a strong complement to all types of sports.

3. Body Awareness

To make it past an obstacle, kids learn how to orient themselves in space while building body control. Spatial awareness, or the knowledge of objects in relation to oneself, is an essential aspect of nearly every sport. In football, an important component is having awareness of all the other players on the field. The same could be said about soccer, basketball, and others. Ninja courses require kids to understand where obstacle components are in relation to their bodies and how they must move their bodies in order to overcome that obstacle.

4. Balance and Coordination

While many obstacles require kids to move quickly, other obstacles require balance and patience. Between ages 8 and 15, kids will see a dramatic growth. Because they are consistently working with longer limbs and larger hands and feet every year, their coordination and balance can be thrown off. Ninja classes are a great way to help kids consistently build their balance and coordination. All of this is a great way to build confidence in controlling their own bodies and maintaining stability while crossing balance beams or jumping from object to object.

5. Flexibility

The variety of obstacles in ninja training allows kids to move through a full range of motion, improving flexibility, and even reducing the risk of injury. If your child loves playing sports and wants to become a better athlete, ninja can be the way. Lifting weights or running excessively can sometimes be dangerous for their developing bodies. Activities like ninja training are great for promoting flexibility along with strength, which helps develop a well rounded athlete.

6. Perseverance

Perseverance is defined as “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” So, as kids learn to tackle barriers and overcome obstacles, they come to understand how to persevere through their struggles. Ninja training helps kids develop a variety of skills like these that can be used in other sports as well, improving overall physical and mental health!

7. Learn To Fall Safely

Ninja obstacles are not easily conquered on the first try. Ninja students must try and try again. When students are introduced to obstacles, they are taught how to fall safely. Whether it's working on an obstacle, playing on the playground, or just running around the house, falling is important in everyday life and important for everywhere our kids play!

8. Accountability and Respect

Ninja training is more than just physical. Mentality plays a huge role. Because ninja is not a team sport it is important for our kids to understand accountability. This helps us grow as athletes and a community. The ninja community is an incredible family of athletes and friends. We would not have been able to grow this sport and community to where it is without the respect that is shared between all athletes.

9. It’s a Lot of FUN!

There Are No Winners And Losers

While there are ninja competitions for kids, Ninja classes can be as competitive or not as your kids want it to be. Many kids like to set personal goals, such as completing the course faster, doing a higher number of pull-ups, etc. Because of this, their biggest competitor is themselves, and there is not that aggressive competition as you see with most youth sports.

You Don’t Have To Be a Natural Athlete

Every kid is different. If your son or daughter has tried traditional youth sports such as soccer and basketball and found that they either don’t enjoy them or aren’t naturally gifted at them, physical activity such as playing at a ninja gym can be a great outlet for their fitness needs. While certain physical traits such as balance and strength are helpful on ninja courses, any kid can participate and build self-esteem on the obstacles while developing their physical skills here at Ultimate Ninjas.

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We just threw my daughter's 6th birthday party here and it was wonderful! They were very helpful and accommodating. Our guests had a great time and the staff assigned to help our party could not have been nicer. I would recommend this for a party venue (or just a fun open play/class activity) to anyone!Hannah B.
I brought my 11YO son today for open gym and he absolutely loved it! It definitely became more crowded after 12:30, but the staff was great and offered assistance when requested. The obstacles were just like the show and are easy to try, but challenging to master. We will be back for sure!Amy J.