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Ultimate Ninjas Academy is a division of Ultimate Ninjas dedicated to only the youngest ninjas, serving children age 0-7 years old.
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Nurturing Fun Starts Here

At Ultimate Ninjas Academy of Naperville, we help your little ones discover the joy of movement from an early age. Our nurturing programs start with Parent/Child classes for babies as young as 7 months and grow with your child through Pre-K and Grade School.

Ultimate Ninjas Academy offers obstacle course training for kids age 0-7 years old.

With our custom kid-sized agility course featuring swinging ropes, monkey bars, quintuple steps, climbing and Curved walls among other exciting obstacles, for kids to  try, practice and master! You will also find a large gym area for basketball, soccer, floor hockey and space to run – your child is sure to have fun while boosting self–confidence!

Our friendly, helpful, and energetic staff are here to make your experience hassle–free and make every trip to Ultimate Ninjas Academy unforgettable. Join us to watch your child develop strength, coordination, and confidence in a creative, supportive environment!

Ninja Classes

From their first balance beam to confidently mastering the obstacle course, Ultimate Ninjas Academy is dedicated to helping prepare your child for life's big challenges, helping them build strength and resilience, by learning to overcome obstacles!

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Open Play

Looking for something active, fun and safe to do with your kids? Academy Open play has you covered!

New challenges and LOTS of ninja fun await.

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Birthday Parties

Kids love our obstacles and indoor play areas. Planning birthday parties has never been so easy, with our online reservations. This party is just for you with your very own indoor arenas and party room.

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Ninja skills

Help little Ninjas Grow

Play, learn, grow is more than just a catch phrase, it is the underlying moto of Ninja Academy  Training!  Through obstacle course training our program focuses on supporting holistic development in young children through active play.

Our custom, tot-sized obstacle course gives children the opportunity to balance, swing, climb, and build strength through active play.  promoting cognitive development, learning decision making and problem solving skills by overcoming obstacles, and fostering social-emotional growth by helping them learn resilience through play!


Strength & Agility

Running, jumping, and climbing through obstacle courses make our little ninjas strong and quick! They have fun while building muscles and learning to move in all directions.


Balance & Body Control

Balancing on beams and navigating obstacles helps kids control their bodies and stay steady. They gain confidence and coordination, which is great for all sports.


Fun & Perseverance

Ninja training is super fun and teaches kids to keep trying, even when things are tough. They learn to never give up and enjoy every moment while making new friends.

little ninjas...

  • Are Kind - FRIENDSHIP.
  • Are great listeners - RESPECT.
  • Cheer (loud!) for their friends - SUPPORT.
  • Help their friends - TEAMWORK.
  • Be YOU - TRUTH.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

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