4-5 Year Old Open Play

At Ultimate Ninjas, we believe every kid is unique, with talents and gifts all their own! We celebrate the amazing things kids can do when they believe in themselves!

Ultimate Ninjas provides a FUN, safe, and incredibly supportive place for kids to build strength and confidence as they navigate the same obstacles seen on TV's hit show American Ninja Warrior. Just as importantly, they feel welcomed and valued for exactly who they are every time they walk in our door. 

When:  Every Thursday 1-3pm
Where: Ultimate Ninjas St. Louis, 140 Long Road Suite 130, Chesterfield MO, 63005
Cost: $10 Per Ticket (Parent Included)


Every student needs comfortable athletic clothes, closed toes shoes (clean ones if its raining). A waiver must be signed by parent or legal guardian. PLEASE BE SURE TO SELECT 4-5 YEAR OLD TICKET WHEN COMPLETING BOOKING BELOW!

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