Kids Ninja Classes

Our obstacle course gym in the O’Fallon area offers kids fitness classes that are great for kids who want to learn how to do the obstacles just like a Ninja! We work on different obstacles each week building strength, endurance, and confidence.
O'Fallon Preschool Obstacle Course Gym | Kids Fitness Classes

Ages 3-5

Preschool Ninja Classes at our obstacle course gym in the O’Fallon and Chesterfield region focus on developing coordination and strength through skills such as balancing, hanging, jumping, climbing and running, while instilling self-confidence and teamwork in a safe and positive environment.

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O'Fallon Beginners Obstacle Course Gym | Kids Fitness Classes

Ages 6-8 & 9-11

The Beginner Ninja class will focus on tackling the obstacles! Ninjas are not required to have any prior experience with obstacles. They learn how to approach new challenges safely while having fun and exploring movements. Instructors set goals and challenges for students which help them gradually develop solid fundamental skills. Our obstacle course gym in O’Fallon has ninja fitness and kids fitness classes!

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O'Fallon Intermediate Obstacle Course Gym | Kids Fitness Classes

All Ages

The Intermediate Ninja class builds on the foundation of Ninja strength and movement. Ninjas must be able to ascend the 8 foot Curved wall, do 1 pull up, complete the Quintuple Steps, Ring Swings, and Balance Beam.
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O'Fallon Advanced Obstacle Course Gym | Kids Fitness Classes

All Ages

The Advanced Ninja class is made for those who want more of a challenge. Ninjas must be able to ascend the 10 foot Curved wall, do 3 pull ups, complete the Blue Monkey Bars, Red Cliff Hanger, and Jumping Spider. They will learn complex obstacle techniques, build grip and upper body strength, and become more confident.
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Build Strength from the inside outkids ninja classes

Class schedules vary per location, please go to your gym's specific page to learn more about class hours. Register online to be enrolled in a weekly class that automatically enrolls you month to month. Billing will take place at the beginning of the month. Enrollment will be prorated if signing up in the middle of the month. There is no start-up or enrollment fee. Classes are $25 each and siblings receive a 20% discount. (Please note Preschool Class pricing structure is different.) Drop-ins are also available, please call to schedule.

Membership Benefits:
When you sign up for our monthly memberships you receive the following benefits:

  • 20% off our "Ultimate" birthday party package
  • 10% off all Ultimate Ninjas apparel

Class Details:

All classes are created by our Managers of Course Operations along with a team of instructors. Many of our managers have competed on TV for multiple seasons and has exceptional experience in obstacle training and course design. The team of coaches support and motivate kids and adults to try, achieve and master all kids of obstacles!

Ninja training offers kids and young adults a multitude of benefits and provides a fun way for them to train. Ninja classes at our O’Fallon area obstacle course gym will make your child a well-rounded athlete, and teach them skills that are important in all sports. Strength, agility, body awareness, balance, flexibility, perseverance, accountability, and respect are all skills that are useful in sports and life. Your child will build confidence and learn the positive effect of overcoming obstacles inside and out of the gym! Our Ninja classes are led by instructors who teach the skills necessary to complete an obstacle course successfully and safely.

Kid's Class Monthly Membership (6+)

  • One class: $110 billed monthly on the 1st
    • Sibling discount (monthly membership): $88 billed monthly on the 1st
  • Two classes per week membership option: $175 billed monthly on the 1st

Drop-in Class

  • $27.50 per class

What our customershave to say about us

Eric (Tesla)
Eric (Tesla)
Good place for a kids birthday party. Plenty to do here. They also have rooms available for food and cake after the kids play.
Max Sachuk
Max Sachuk
Great place for kids to be active.
Marika Ezugbaya
Marika Ezugbaya
We had great birthday party for my 7year old.
Angela Hall
Angela Hall
We have been sending our 3 year old daughter to the little ninjas preschool obstacle course class at ultimate ninjas and couldn’t be happier. I was worried about sending her since she’s on the smaller side, but all the coaches are very patient and helpful. Coach Dana and Coach Mike create an incredibly motivating and encouraging environment, challenging the kids in a supportive way that allows them to become stronger and more confident while also having tons of fun. My daughter tends to fade in her enthusiasm for new activities but she can’t wait to go to “ninja class” each week.
Amit Nagpal
Amit Nagpal
I visited this place for a birthday party. I was impressed by the place. The party was organized very nicely. The staff was very helpful and they took care of the kids and the celebration neatly. Overall I would recommend this place for birthday celebrations.
Michael Etman
Michael Etman
Unfortunately, air side is very thick with sweat. Hope they fix.
Nickie Wickersheim
Nickie Wickersheim
We had the best birthday party here for my 8 year old! All the kids had a blast and were entertained the whole time, and I was able to enjoy every minute because the staff took care of everything!
Fierce Beauty Warrior
Fierce Beauty Warrior
Great ninja gym. Employees are very knowledgeable and helped out a lot

Fitness & fun for the whole family

Sign your child up for Ultimate Ninjas monthly classes, and parents can get awesome too with our ULTIFIT: adult fitness program, for just $99/month! That’s 35% off regular rates. No experience on obstacles? No problem. Our HIIT workouts feature training for all levels. Sign your child up for classes today and unlock a great deal for yourself!

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