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    Noblesville Gym Hours

    Kids Classes (6+):
    Mon, Wed:4pm, 5pm
    Tues:4pm, 5pm, 6pm
    Thurs:4pm, 6pm, 7pm
    Sat:9am, 10am
    Homeschool Class:
    Lil Ninjas Classes (Preschool):
    Mon:10:30 am, 4pm. 5pm
    Tues:9:30 am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm
    Wed:1pm, 4pm, 5pm
    Thurs:9:30 am, 10:30 am
    Sat:9am, 10am
    Kids Birthday Parties
    Fri:5pm – 8pm
    Sat:11:20 am – 6:00 pm
    Sun:10am – 5pm
    Open Play
    Ages 3 & Up
    Fri:6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
    Sat:11am – 12pm
    Sun:10am – 12pm
    Lil’ Ninjas Open Gym
    Tues:11:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Thursday:11:30 am – 12:30 pm

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    Ultimate Ninjas Noblesville

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    Summer Camps

    Looking for something AMAZING to offer your kids over break? Send them to Ultimate Ninjas Camps, where they will learn how to tackle obstacles as seenon TV. At Ultimate Ninjas it's so much fun to get back up and try again.....

    At Ultimate Ninjas, we instill self-confidence, acceptance, and a true hunger for tackling obstacles with a positive mindset. The best part: we have a BLAST doing it! The camps are designed by 3 time American Ninja Jesse Labreck, you will not find a more positive environment where kids can show up, be valued for exactly who they are, and discover what they are uniquely capable of achieving.

    During camp, kids are grouped together by age and rotate through stations where they are coached on each obstacle. After learning how to tackle the obstacles, they have time for open play so they can pick their favorites and spend extra time on the obstacles they want to master or just enjoy! At the end of camp all kids will get a chance to run through the course with their coaches just like you see on TV!


    $45 for your first session, each additional session for that week is $40 | 50% sibling discount

    Summer Camps

    June & August
    Camps | Mon-Fri
    All Day
    Camps | Mon-Fri
    Morning Only
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    Kids Ninja Classes

    Ninja training is an amazing, fun, & challenging way to help your child build self-confidence, personal fitness, and agility - preparing them to reach higher than you ever imagine. We are located in Noblesville and serve the greater Indy area!

    Kids ninja classes offer a unique, fun way to help your child build self-confidence, while getting the exercise they need! At our Noblesville Ultimate Ninjas location, ninja training is not only fun, but the challenges, obstacles, and courses provide your child with the unique experience of seeing how their hard work can help them overcome and achieve their goals!

    Our Noblesville ninja gym has classes led and designed by professional ninja athletes who train to conquer obstacles. They bring their personal experience to the table, helping your child reach their goals!

     Challenge your kids with ninja training courses & obstacles, and watch them gain confidence as they gain strength, and learn to overcome them. Be Awesome. Have FUN!

    Naperville Ninja Gym Open Play

    Family Open Gym

    Looking for something active, fun, and safe to do with your kids? How about an exciting, challenging evening of Ninja fun - a unique combination of exercise, agility training, and strength building all while gaining confidence in a fun, safe environment.

    Check out our family open play days! Your local Noblesville Ultimate Ninjas  provides a fun and challenging way to help your kids get out all of their energy while tackling our obstacle and agility courses! Practice and explore a variety of obstacles, fine tune your skills on a single obstacle, or practice running our customizable courses.

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    Kids Birthday Parties

    Looking for a fun, active idea for your kids birthday party? An Ultimate Ninjas party might be exactly what you're looking for!

    Kids love our obstacles, indoor play areas, and ninja challenges. Our Noblesville ninja party packages are perfect for a stress-free,   fun, and unique party with activities for kids of all ages - even your grown guests can join in the fun! Try out the many ninja obstacles and courses, and enjoy a fun filled screen-free evening.

    What's more, your party can enjoy a private party area, with their very own indoor arenas and party room. Preorder pizza and drinks from our awesome, locally owned, pizza partner delivered right to your party!

    Planning birthday parties has never been so easy - check out using our online reservations, then sit back and relax.

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    Ninja Camps For Kids in  Naperville

    Ninja Camp is Cool!


    First Session: $55
    Additional sessions (same week): $50
    20% Sibling Discount

    Ultimate Ninjas Camps are specially designed to teach the techniques used to conquer any obstacle - and we have many!

    During training our focus is on getting fit and having FUN while building strength, endurance, coordination, and learning pro tips and techniques to quickly and safely maneuver through various obstacles.

    Ninja Camps include:

    • Obstacle Stations
    • Working on techniques
    • Courses
    • Games
    • Open play

    Camps are designed for ages 6-16 


    First Session: $55
    Additional sessions (same week): $50
    20% Sibling Discount

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    Upcoming Camps

    Anaheim Hills Gym Schedule

    Kids Classes

    Kids Classes
    M-T-Th-F:4:00 pm- 7:00 pm
    Wed:3:00 pm- 4:00 pm
    Pre-K Classes
    Mon, Wed:9:00am - 11:00am
    Tues, Thurs:4:00pm - 5:00pm
    Elite Team
    Tues, Thurs:7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Open Gym 

    Kids Open Gym
    Sat, Sun:10:00am - 11:00am
    Pre-K Open Gym
    Mon, Wed:11:00am - 12:00pm
    Sat, Sun:9:00am - 11:00am
    Family Open Gym
    Fri:7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Birthday Party Hosting

    Birthday Parties
    Sat:6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Sun:11:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Adult Schedule

    Adult Classes / Open Gym
    Mon, Wed:7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Pro Open Gym
    Mon-Fri:5:30am - 10:00 pm
    Sat:7:00 am - 9:00 pm

    C LOC LO
    21:05 03 Apr 24
    Ultimate Ninjas in Noblesville is a wonderful facility with great staff and a perfect setup for a wide age range of kids. My children gained so much confidence from their classes, and I would recommend it to anyone. Even my shy, nervous child became an ultimate ninja, and the staff was very patient and professional. We love Ninjas! ❤️
    Guy EastGuy East
    00:24 12 Mar 24
    Austin GintherAustin Ginther
    17:58 11 Mar 24
    I am the Special Needs director at White River Christian Church in Noblesville and we partnered with Amanda and her team to host our February Respite night. We had an absolute blast at Ultimate Ninja's facility and the staff was a blessing to our students. They helped create fun and creative games while adjusting on the fly to meet the needs and desires of the students. The staff adapted multiple courses and created a space where our students living with a disability could belong and have fun together. Not every place is welcoming to do this and they were excited to! There were smiles on everyones faces and the volunteers enjoyed the courses as well! I recommend Ultimate Ninjas to anyone looking for a fun place for kids or adults! We will be back!
    Jimmy RyanJimmy Ryan
    20:49 09 Mar 24
    Staff is very kind and helpful to the kids. Very encouraging. Fun place for a kids birthday party.
    Jason GunnJason Gunn
    01:15 20 Feb 24
    Kimberly VanceKimberly Vance
    23:27 15 Feb 24
    We attended a swiftie galentines night at UJ and had a blast! Staff was great with kiddos and they had me laughing! Course we just like on tv!
    Melanie TorresMelanie Torres
    18:52 15 Feb 24
    Nice place
    Brittani SkeltonBrittani Skelton
    23:31 11 Feb 24
    My 6 yr old attended a girl scout event here. She had a blast and the staff was great with all the girls
    Lia SaquinoLia Saquino
    23:12 08 Feb 24
    I miss you guys so much and my friends from school 46 my name is jesus
    Kylie LuyetKylie Luyet
    17:20 19 Jan 24
    Our son absolutely loves Ultimate ninja! They are so great with him and all know him by name. Highly recommend!!
    Beth StutlerBeth Stutler
    02:17 01 Jan 24
    I attended a child's birthday party! It was awesome. They kept the kids busy going from one competition area to the next, as a group, so nobody was left out! They also assisted the kids to make sure that they succeeded if at all possible! The kids had a blast! Everyone cheered the kids on as they competed! Excellent place for a party. They also had rooms for eating the birthday cake and exchanging the birthday gifts.
    Sarah Pegg-HofstetterSarah Pegg-Hofstetter
    12:44 21 Dec 23
    I can't really say enough good things about this place! The staff is caring and kind, and they teach my kiddos something new every week. My 10 year old and 14 year old both absolutely love this class. It's their favorite day of the week!
    G NicG Nic
    15:57 21 Nov 23
    This is quickly turning into one of our favorite places in Hamilton County. My 5 year old son attends the minis class. The facility is clean, well thought out, and constantly innovating. Coaches are kind, patient, and work well as a team. Keagan leads the pack and I have seen him seamlessly manage classes, phones, teams, and the occasional mini crisis. Thank you for your commitment to providing an awesome experience for everyone!!
    Kerry CremeansKerry Cremeans
    20:50 02 Nov 23
    Ultimate Ninjas Indy is the place to be for your kids…and adults, also! Our 7 year old boys are passionate about this place and we drive over an hour every week to be a part of the training and experience this awesome gym and their coaches! This is the up and coming sport! Creates healthy minds and bodies, competitive yet friendly environment, and will challenge you! Check it out! You will not be disappointed!

    Adult Fitness

    Join a community of people coming together to pursue their passion for movement and to help each other become better. We welcome those who are looking to be part of a supportive community that will inspire you to break limits and achieve things you previously thought impossible.

    Meet Our General Manager

    Jesse Labreck

    Michael Torres - Ultimate Ninjas North Shore

    Jesse was a rookie sensation and has kept up the success on TV. She broke the record of the first rookie female to qualify for the Las Vegas Finals and has continued to qualify for Las Vegas for all 3 seasons. This solidified her nickname, “Flex Labreck.” Her tenacity and love of the sport has inspired ninjas of all ages! Jesse attended the University of Maine where she got her degree in Elementary Education and developed her athletic skills on the field becoming a track star.

    Jesse is General Manager of Course Operations at our Naperville location, where she oversees safety, class curriculum and development, camps, events and more. With her background in Elementary Ed and love for the sport, Ultimate Ninjas will be the perfect place for Jesse to teach futureprofessional ninja athletes via obstacle course racing, or OCR! She has competed on and WON Ninja vs Ninja as the only female Captain of “Labreckfast Club”. She has also competed on All Stars and Skill and USA vs The World where she was the second woman to complete Stage 2!

    Jesse resides in Naperville and is also an avid rock climber and hiker. She is an advocate for cerebral palsy awareness through her relationship with a 20 year old woman, whom she cared for while living in Massachusetts.

    Michael Torres - Ultimate Ninjas North Shore

    COVID-19 Safety Procedures

    Our top priority is the safety of the community we have here in Noblesville. We will continue to operate in accordance with the county's current guidelines.

    What our customershave to say about us

    We just threw my daughter's 6th birthday party here and it was wonderful! They were very helpful and accommodating. Our guests had a great time and the staff assigned to help our party could not have been nicer. I would recommend this for a party venue (or just a fun open play/class activity) to anyone!
    Hannah B.
    I brought my 11YO son today for open gym and he absolutely loved it! It definitely became more crowded after 12:30, but the staff was great and offered assistance when requested. The obstacles were just like the show and are easy to try, but challenging to master. We will be back for sure!
    Amy J.