Is There An Ultimate Ninjas Gym Near Me?

Ninja training is an obstacle course racing (OCR) based sport that is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Ninja gyms are facilities where you can train to become a ninja warrior and compete in obstacle-course races. At a Ninja gym, you will find an array of obstacles ranging from low walls to high climbing walls, as well as many other variations such as rope swings, cargo nets, jumping spider, hell steps, lachey bars and much more. The obstacles are designed to test your strength, agility, balance, and coordination whether for fun or to get you ready for upcoming OCR competitions.

At our Ultimate Ninjas Indianapolis gym in Noblesville, we are proud to offer you a variety of classes for all ages and abilities in our ninja warrior gym. Our experienced instructors will help guide you through your workouts and teach you the basics of ninja warrior training. We offer pre-k and toddler tumbling classes, rock climbing, strength training, obstacle course racing, and more! Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience that challenges and encourages individuals to reach their physical goals. We also offer private and group sessions to help you reach your full potential. Safety is also our top priority, and all facilities are inspected regularly, and our staff is certified in first aid. Our instructors are knowledgeable in the proper technique and form for each activity we provide. We strive to ensure that everyone in our facility has a positive and rewarding experience.

Ultimate Ninjas Indianapolis offers a variety of packages and memberships so that you can find the option that best fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for individual kids lessons or group training, we have something for everyone. Our professional coaches will provide feedback and support to help you improve your skills and reach your goals. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Ninjatraining, so we offer discounts for groups and families. With our competitive rates and commitment to providing a great experience, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect package for you.

NinjaGym: What To Expect

Apart from the physical aspect of training in a Ninjagym, there is also an emphasis on mental stamina and focus. You will need to be able to control your fear while completing the course and rely on your body’s ability to complete the tasks without a doubt. The main goal of Ninjatraining is to help you become a better version of yourself and build both physical and mental strength. The skills, experiences, and confidence gained in Ninjatraining will help you overcome obstacles that may arise in other aspects of your life as well.

Additionally, Ninjatraining offers a new sense of camaraderie among participants in the gym. Through group classes, support from coaches and other ninjas who understand what you are going through can make a huge difference in your journey to becoming a Ninja.

Ultimately, the advantage of joining a Ninjagym is that you have the opportunity to become part of a larger community. You will gain motivation and support from fellow Ninja trainees, coaches, and people just like you who understand what it takes to be successful in this unique activity. With these advantages in mind, there is no better way to challenge yourself and reach your goals than through Ninjatraining.

NinjaTraining Classes for Kids

Ninjatraining is perfect for kids who are looking for a fun and challenging way to get fit and build strength. Our Ninja coaches will help your children learn the movements and techniques they need to excel in the sport, while also teaching them important lessons about discipline, perseverance, and self-confidence. We offer classes for all age groups and abilities, so there’s something for everyone.

These are activities that have been streamlined by experts and are kid-friendly as well as safe to keep your children healthy, entertained, and strong.

NinjaBirthday Parties

Do you want to make your child’s birthday party an adventure? Ninjabirthday parties are the perfect way to do just that. Kids will practice their ninja moves, compete in challenges, and have a blast while they get fit. We provide all the equipment, a safe environment, and the supervision of certified instructors to ensure everyone has a good and memorable time. Your kids would love the adventure and create lovely memories.

NinjaOpen Play for Kids

Open play is a great way for children to get active and have fun. Ninjas can experience the obstacle course, practice their skills, and develop their balance and coordination. If your child is looking for a unique, active experience, we’ve got you covered. We provide the obstacle course and all the equipment needed to have an unforgettable time. Our certified instructors will supervise and help kids move through the course while making sure they stay safe.  We provide certified instructors to ensure all activities are properly supervised and safe for all participants. Additionally, we specialize in team-building activities that help develop interpersonal skills and teamwork through cooperative games and challenges.

Ninja Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids

No matter the age of your child, our ninja obstacle course can provide an exciting way to get active. We focus on providing fun and interactive activities that will help kids build strength, agility, balance, and overall fitness. Our obstacle courses range from a basic setup for younger children to more intricate obstacles for older kids. They will have the opportunity to jump, climb, and swing their way around the course. The obstacle course is designed to be both fun and challenging, helping children learn the importance of physical fitness in a safe environment.

When you undertake a ninja obstacle course, you will also have access to a wide selection of team-building activities and challenges that will help your child learn how to work with others in order to complete a task or solve a problem. These activities are designed to improve communication, problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and team spirit. Some of the activities you might find in a ninja obstacle course include (and we provide ideas for how you can do some of these at home):


This is the perfect place to let your child unleash their inner ninja while having a blast with new friends. Our camp counselors are experienced and knowledgeable, and they are dedicated to providing your child with an unforgettable summer experience. NinjaCamp features obstacle courses, rope climbing, zip lining, and a variety of other fun activities that will help your child challenge themselves physically and mentally. Camps are perfect for kids looking to stay active while they’re out of school.

At NinjaCamp, your kid is bound to meet certified counselors and coaches who are dedicated to providing a safe and encouraging learning environment for every camper. We pride ourselves on making sure that every child is cared for and gets the opportunity to learn something new each day. Our goal is to give each kid the chance to use their knowledge and skills to overcome the obstacles that camp will throw at them. We also understand that kids need a place to explore their interests, express their creativity, and build lasting friendships.

To make sure this happens, our counselors plan activities and outings designed to keep every camper entertained and engaged. From capturing the flag to swimming in the lake and local field trips, there’s always something for every camper to enjoy. At our camp, we understand that building relationships is just as important as having fun. To foster a sense of community among all of our campers, we run activities and events aimed at bringing everyone together. We have bonfires, singalongs, team-building exercises, and more. We believe in creating a camp experience that is both memorable and meaningful. We strive to ensure that every camper leaves our camp feeling empowered, inspired, and eager to continue their personal growth journey. With new friends, skills, and confidence, we want each camper to look back on their camp experience with pride and excitement.

Our staff is highly trained in safety procedures, leadership, and adventure activities. We make sure each camper feels safe and secure while also challenging them to step out of their comfort zone. Every camper has the opportunity to hone their existing skills while also discovering and cultivating new ones with the help of our staff.

NinjaTraining Equipment

There are various types of equipment used in Ninja warrior training, and they help make it more fun and easier for the camper to learn. These include :

Balance Beams

Balance beams help improve the physical strength and agility of the camper. It also helps in developing coordination and balance, which are important skills for ninja warrior training.


Trampolines help teach the camper basic acrobatic moves such as flips and spins. It is also an excellent way to build upper-body strength and agility through jumping exercises.

Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes are used to help the camper develop upper-body strength and endurance. It also aids in the teaching of safe and efficient climbing techniques.

Hanging and Agility Ladders

These are used to help the camper develop coordination and agility. It helps teach them how to move their bodies quickly and accurately while maintaining their balance on the ladder. They are a great tool for campers to use to work on their agility, balance, and coordination. The campers can navigate the ladder by running over and under it in different directions to develop better hand-eye coordination and footwork. This is a great exercise for developing speed, agility, and reaction time.

Gymnastics Rings

Gymnastic rings are used for upper-body exercises as well as core training.

These are effective ways of developing core strength, balance, coordination, and agility. They can be easily adjusted for different levels of difficulty and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Rope Swings

This is an excellent way for campers to work on their motor skills and agility. The camper can use the ropes to swing from one point to another, learning how to control the speed of their movements as well as how to balance themselves in mid-air. This is a great exercise for developing balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Cargo Net Climbs

Cargo-net climbs are a great way for campers to work on their climbing skills. By using cargo nets, campers can practice how to properly move from one point to another while having fun at the same time. This activity helps them build core strength, coordination, and agility.

Suspension Bridges

Suspension bridges are an exciting way for campers to climb and explore. By walking on a series of cables that are suspended between two points, campers can learn how to balance while they move from one point to the other. This activity helps them practice their coordination and agility as they traverse the bridge.

Monkey bars

Monkey bars may seem like a simple activity, but they can actually be quite challenging. By requiring campers to use their upper-body strength and grip, monkey bars help them build muscles while also improving their coordination and balance. This activity is great for those who want to work on their overall physical prowess.

Hanging and Chains

These are just some of the Ninjatraining tools we use at our camp. It helps improve strength, agility, and coordination. By requiring campers to hang from either the chains or rings, they are able to practice their grip and body control while being suspended in mid-air. This helps with overall physical strength and balance.

We strive to provide the best experience for our campers by creating a safe environment where they can practice their skills, build confidence, and learn how to work as part of a team. We focus on the fundamentals and teach them the importance of discipline, teamwork, respect, and perseverance. With our specialized training equipment, we make sure that our campers have access to all the necessary tools needed to become successful martial artists.

Exercises in NinjaTraining

There is a variety of fitness exercises in Ninjatraining. Some of these include the following.


This form of exercise focuses on strengthening the back and arms. By improving grip strength, building muscle, and increasing flexibility, pull-ups can help campers develop the upper-body strength needed for martial arts.


This form of exercise focuses on strengthening the chest, arms, and abs. With good form and proper technique, push-ups will help campers build the endurance and stamina needed for martial arts.

Jumping Rope

This type of exercise helps improve coordination and agility while also providing an effective cardiovascular workout. The added benefit of improved timing and coordination is essential for martial arts.

Benefits of NinjaLessons

There are certain benefits you tend to enjoy with ninja warrior lessons. These include:

Enhanced Physical strength and Fitness

Ninjalessons help enhance physical strength. This is beneficial for martial artists as it helps them become more powerful, agile, and quick on their feet. Martial arts involve movements that strengthen and stretch the body in various ways, improving overall physical fitness. Such activities are essential for our well-being, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and other associated health problems.

Better body coordination

It also helps in improving body coordination, which is very important in various types of martial arts. Improved body control can help martial artists execute different movements with precision and accuracy.

Mental focus

Training in Ninjahelps to improve mental focus. The demanding physical and mental nature of martial arts can help individuals develop a great level of concentration. This is beneficial for mastering the techniques involved in martial arts.

Improved breathing

Martial arts involve aerobic exercises that help increase lung capacity and improve breath control. With improved breathing, one can stay longer in the ring, enabling them to better perform martial arts techniques.

Enhanced flexibility

Unlike other physical activities, Ninjaextensively works on the joints and muscles of a practitioner’s body. This helps to increase their range of motion, leading to increased flexibility and agility. Improved flexibility can also reduce the chances of injury during practice or combat, increase endurance, and build stronger muscles.

Improved coordination and balance

Martial arts involve intense physical movements that require smooth and precise coordination between the mind, body, and environment. Practitioners develop better balance and coordination with regular practice of martial arts techniques. This helps them perform complex maneuvers quicker and more accurately while improving their focus and concentration in combat situations. Increased coordination also leads to better hand-eye coordination and reflexes, enabling martial arts practitioners to react quickly and accurately to their opponent’s movements.

Heightened physical fitness

Regular martial arts practice can provide a great way to stay in shape. Martial arts movements require strength and endurance, as well as flexibility and agility. Practitioners of martial arts can expect to see improvements in their overall physical fitness, with increased muscle tone and improved cardiovascular health. With regular practice, practitioners will also develop greater strength, speed, and agility.

Improved concentration

The intense focus required for martial arts can help improve practitioners’ mental clarity and concentration. During a martial arts session, practitioners must remain aware of the movements of their opponents in order to anticipate their next move. This constant awareness requires great focus and concentration, which can be transferred to other areas of life.

Improved discipline and respect for authority

Martial arts require a certain level of self-discipline and respect for the instructor, which can help practitioners develop good habits in other areas of life. Practitioners must also learn to control their own emotions and not respond with aggression when provoked. This can help them become more respectful of authority figures and understand the importance of following instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ninja class good for kids?

Yes, Ninja classes can be beneficial for kids. It teaches them physical agility and coordination as well as discipline and respect for authority figures. Additionally, it also helps to encourage focus and concentration, which can prove useful in other areas of life.

How do kids train for ninja warriors?

Kids can train to be ninja warriors by doing obstacle course drills, developing core and upper body strength, practicing jumps and flips, and honing their accuracy skills. Additionally, mental conditioning is also important in order to handle the pressure of competing alongside other participants. Kids should also focus on building self-confidence that will enable them to perform at their best during a competition. It’s also important for kids to practice proper form and technique in order to reduce the risk of injury during training. Finally, having a positive attitude and staying motivated are keys to achieving success as a ninja warrior.

What is the suitable age for children to learn ninjas?

The suitable age for children to learn ninja skills varies and depends on their individual capabilities. Generally, most kids are able to start learning basic ninja skills as early as five or six years old. However, it’s important that a child be physically and mentally prepared before beginning ninja training. Children should also be comfortable following instructions, maintaining focus, and committing to a regular practice schedule. Additionally, many trainers recommend that children have a basic understanding of gymnastics before taking on ninja training. Ultimately, the best way to assess if your child is ready for ninjas is to consult with an experienced trainer or coach. They can tell you whether they believe your child has the maturity and physical abilities required for ninja training.

What do ninja kids train in?

Ninja training for kids typically focuses on agility, coordination, balance, and strength. Most courses involve obstacle courses that require the participant to navigate a series of obstacles while maintaining their focus and balance. These can include climbing walls, rings, ladders, balancing beams, cargo nets, slacklines, and more. Along with this physical activity, there is an emphasis on building mental focus and discipline. Ninja training can also involve martial arts with an emphasis on self-defense and conflict resolution, as well as basic tumbling skills. Depending on the style of ninja training your child is involved in, additional elements such as meditation may be included as well. Overall, ninja training offers children a unique opportunity to build both physical and mental strength while having fun. It’s an excellent way for kids to challenge themselves, develop self-confidence, and learn the importance of discipline in a supportive environment.

What is the hardest obstacle for ninja warriors?

The hardest obstacle for ninja warriors is often related to mental strength, focus, and determination. While physical strength and agility can be developed over time, the mental aspect requires dedication to achieve success at any level of ninja training. Ninja warriors must develop their ability to persist despite challenging obstacles and remain focused on achieving their goals. Additionally, the practice of discipline plays a major role, as ninja warriors must learn to push themselves even when they don’t feel like it. With a combination of these mental and physical skills, ninja warriors can overcome any challenge that comes their way.

How do you set up a Ninjas course without trees?

When setting up a ninja warrior course without trees, you’ll need to get creative. Consider using posts and poles as obstacles or hanging ropes from overhead beams or ceilings. You can also use pipes or tubes of varying sizes and heights to create obstacle walls. For more dynamic elements, look into using balance beams, swinging rings, and ladder swings. No matter what obstacles you choose to include, make sure they are safe and secure. Have a few friends test the course before using it with an audience. This will ensure the safety of everyone involved in the activity. With these tips, anyone can create an epic Ninjas course without trees!

What is the hardest Ninjas course?

The hardest Ninjas course is arguably Mt. Midoriyama, the ultimate obstacle course featured on the show “Sasuke.” It includes a range of difficult obstacles, from rope ladders to balance beams, and even more challenging elements like two sets of jump rings, a Curved wall, an ultimate cliffhanger, and the infamous “modified” fish ladder. It is considered the world’s toughest ninja warrior course and has yet to be conquered. However, aspiring ninjas can still find a challenge in replicating the Mt. Midoriyama obstacle course for themselves at home or in their own backyard! In addition, some other difficult courses are the American NinjaCourse, the Total Warrior Course, the Tough Mudder Course, and the Ninja Run Challenge. All of these courses provide an intense workout and can be replicated in a home gym or backyard with the help of some simple equipment. Ultimately, by challenging oneself with any one of these ninja warrior-style obstacle courses, aspiring ninjas can become fitter and more confident in their own abilities.

What are some examples of ninja warrior camp ideas?

Ninja warrior camp ideas can include obstacle course competitions, ninja-style training classes, and even activities like rock climbing or martial arts. Campers could have the opportunity to learn about different types of equipment used for obstacle courses and how to design their own custom courses. They may also be able to try out specialized ninja drills and techniques, such as rope climbs and swing techniques. Additionally, campers could take part in various events such as races and tournament-style competitions that test their skills and tenacity. Finally, obstacle course-based activities can also be combined with other physical activities like swimming or biking to create a thrilling day of adventure!

How do ninja warrior camps help people become more confident?

Ninja warrior camps can help improve confidence by providing attendees with a safe and supportive environment to practice and improve their physical abilities. Campers are given the opportunity to learn new skills, gain additional strength, and develop better coordination. Through consistent practice, campers become more familiar with the activities and techniques used in obstacle courses, allowing them to overcome any fear or hesitation they may have had.

Additionally, ninja warrior camps often provide an encouraging atmosphere that helps build camaraderie and team spirit among campers as they work together toward common goals. All of this helps to foster a feeling of accomplishment and confidence in participants as they progress and succeed throughout the course.